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I am not as dutiful a daughter as I might be, but it was about that time, so I called Mom tonight. (When we do talk, it's usually pretty good, I hasten to add.)

The conversation roamed a fair bit and then into the Grammys, touched on Whitney Houston ("yes, it's too bad what happened to her. Can we stop with the canonization?"), then Adele ("She does have a great voice, and some great songs, but it doesn't have to be the same song every time I turn on the radio"), then the Who The Fuck Is Paul McCartney fail ("That's not real, is it? They're just being ironic, right?" "The Internet is not that self-aware."), and then...

Mom: "There was one category, I forget which, but the Foo Fighters won. They were the only band of all of them that I'd heard of."
Me: *looks up Grammy nominees*
Me: "Ah. Coldplay—they have some good stuff, and some less good; I don't know this song. The Decemberists are awesome but I don't know why this song got the nod, particularly. Mumford & Sons should have won. Radiohead FJDKLFJDSKLJFDLSJKLAJLFDJ WELL THANK FUCK THEY DIDN'T WIN AT LEAST"
Me: *ten minute exposition of why I hate Radiohead with the force of a million exploding suns*
Mom: "You know I'm going to have to check them out now, just to see why you hate them so much."
Me: "Go to YouTube and look up the video for Lotus Flower, so you can get the whole fucking horrible effect. Then look up the video for Lotus Flower Yakety Sax and you'll feel like living again."
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The entire campus area is crawling with security forces, because the Pope is speaking at the synagogue down the block in mere moments. This puts two things in my mind (other than "getting to the subway is going to be a fucking circus"), to wit:

1) the Call of Cthulhu game we played in at Arisia, where the Pope turned out to be a creature of the Great Old Ones;

2) the disturbed stares from other passengers who can't help looking over your shoulder at the pretty pictures, when I was reading Transmetropolitan on the subway this morning--specifically the story where Spider casts out the money-grubbers from the temple.


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