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Tagged by [ profile] tactisle for this one (well, okay, I ran into his outstretched palm). Ping here to be forced to explain six of your own icons.

Forthwith, his curiosities:

This is a magnet I picked up at the Imperial War Museum when Steve and I were in London. I just loved it to bits; it sums up exactly what the Nice Cup of Tea is about, for me, and it represents gathering my energies and/or thoughts for the next wave of action. A Post-12 Recovery Phase, if you will.

A rare color picture of Clara Bow. I came across it when we were looking for old-timey pictures to represent our characters in Steve's Call of Cthulhu campaign. Though I in no way resemble the divine Ms. Bow, nor can I hope to, the picture encapsulates the allure of glamour, fashion, and elegance.

This is a panel from the pinnacle of Frank Miller's unparalleled run on Daredevil, the story arc called "Born Again". I have [ profile] dariodevil to thank, of course, for introducing me to this most excellent work. This particular panel takes place after DD has fought a semi-super-soldier called Nuke, who is a juiced-up psychotic hyper-patriot (he has the American flag tattooed on his face) used by elements within the military for serious dirty work. Captain America is following up to find out who this Nuke guy is. And so he asks... This, I felt, perfectly encapsulated how I feel about the way our country and its very real, very important values & purposes are being utterly debased by vile people who are wrapping themselves in the flag and calling everyone else traitors.

Happier matters: my maneki neko mug! I saw this at an Asian imports store (they mostly carry jewelry, really nice stuff at that; I have several pieces from them) and fell instantly in love. I love the way it fits my hand; I love the feel of the pottery; and I am inordinately fond of fortune cats. It makes me happy in every possible way, far beyond what a chunk of clay should.

This is not the Hulk. It's J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, who is (among other things) a shapeshifter. This particular image is from a plotline during the storied Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League International era, in which J'onn gets dependent on Oreos Chocos. Booster & Beetle, being their usual impish selves, hide his stash, sending one of the most powerful sentients on the DC Earth on a rampage. Hilarity ensues. What better to signify my self-control and impulse issues?

Oh, Murdoc... It's undoubtedly very, very wrong to have a crush, however brief, on an entirely fictional and fairly vile character. But when the video for Clint Eastwood hit, we were all completely blown away; and in that vulnerable state, my yen for The Wrong Kind Of Guy took hold. I got better quick enough. But, Murdoc's attitude was just about right for a FOAD icon (though it was harder than I thought to find an image where he actually looks cranky).
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(This is that "" web quiz all the cool kids are doing.)

Most of these make some kind of sense, except for the first and the last. I mean, what?

1. Air Traffic Controller
2. Anthropologist
3. Archaeologist
4. GIS Specialist
5. Historian
6. Fisher
7. Arborist
8. Zookeeper
9. Psychologist
10. Automotive Painter
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The LOLwhatever has vaulted clear over the shark and is approaching lower earth orbit. Having suffered through lolcats, lolbots, lolgeeks, and lolgoths, we now have lol80s; and each iteration gets less and less funny.

But there are yet a few diamonds scattered in the mounds of poo.
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...and repeat for very long list of variable expansions.

And you get to make it even longer! )
Ganked from [ profile] tactisle.
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More specifically, 10 fictional characters one would like to get it on with. (Past or present attraction equally permissible.) And I get to tag five lucky winners to go thou and do likewise.

In no particular order: )

But the rest of you can and should do it, too.
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Wikipedia birthday meme ahoy...

Three events that took place on Feb 20:

* 1472 - Orkney and Shetland are returned by Norway to Scotland, due to a defaulted dowry payment.
* 1872 - In New York City the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens.
* 1962 - Mercury program: While aboard Friendship 7, John Glenn orbits the earth three times in 4 hours, 55 minutes, becoming the first American to orbit the earth.

And two births (with extra bonus birth):

* 1942 - Phil Esposito, Canadian hockey player
* 1954 - Anthony Stewart Head, English actor
* 1967 - Kurt Cobain, American musician

And one death:

* 2005 - Hunter S. Thompson, American journalist and author (b. 1937)
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This is NOT a fish, people. )


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