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Friday night our Floating RPG Campaign (currently Dresden Files) resumed after a several-month hiatus, and I seized the opportunity to lay my tale (or tailbone) of woe before Dr. Nick. He nodded sagely, stood behind me, moved his hands a little bit along my hips, and asked "What side?".

"Left," quoth I.

"'k." And he immediately dropped a hand a few inches and pushed unerringly at a small spot in the middle of my left ass cheek, whereat I howled like a scalded cat. "Yeah. Piriformis. Do those stretches."
Went to my primary care physician today in re: my Probably Sciatica; not because I thought he could do anything about it, he being an internal medicine dude, but to start the referral wagon in motion. I was expressing how this particular pain was different from my other injuries on that leg, and he said "how many had you had?" and I started recollecting them as best I could, but I thought I missed some. So here's me trying to get them all down. I might be missing some.

Winter, 1997: Both knees: Fell on 'em, hard, while ice skating. For the next year and change, when kneeling down, there would be a point of excruciating pain at one point in the bend, and then it would be okay on the other side of that least until I stood up again. Eventually it went away, but my left knee remains occasionally arthritic.

January, 2003: Left groin muscle, torn at aikido. By someone's pants. Don't ask. Got better after 4-6 weeks, but never really recovered full flexibility.

Burning Man, 2004: Pinky toe: Smashed at Fight Club. I forget which foot it was, though, so maybe doesn't count.

Spring, 2006: Left knee: bursitis, or that's the best guess. Out for a couple weeks.

- strained both rotator cuffs in summer 2006, just to switch it up a little -
- late 2007, switched jobs; stopped going to aikido -
- early 2008, started running for exercise -

June 2008: Left knee, bone spur from running. Stopped hurting after a month or two of not running.

July 2009: Left foot, plantar fasciitis from running. Went away after a month or two of not running + ice + dork sock.

Spring 2010: Left ankle: chronic sprain from aikido injury + mosh pit + not letting it heal. Got better in about 10 weeks of dork boot + proper shoes.

Feb. 2011: Left pinky toe: broken on a cruise ship deck chair. Healed after about two months of dork boot, because wearing any shoe on that foot was excruciating.

And then there's the current whee, that seems to be of two parts comprised: something that feels muscular that started around January, and then the Maybe Sciatica which started after the Stanford trip last month but before I got my new bike.

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1. Get antibiotics prescription filled. (For those of you not on Teh Facebookz, the condensed plot: got an infection in my cuticle, it was physic'd yesterday, this is follow-up care to drive away the fever demons.)
2. Laundromat, since I was thwarted in my quest last week, and I am now out of socks.
3. Change the sheets & duvet cover.
4. Mop floors, bleh.
5. First entry in Cooking With Skyrim series, Apple & Cabbage Stew
6. Maybe do some sewing, maybe some knitting, maybe play some Skyrim.
7. There is some work stuff I really ought to catch up on.

In between this I have to soak my finger 3x daily in "hot salt water".

I feel like doing very little of this.

Not Mine.

Jan. 16th, 2007 09:58 am
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The shoulder specialist last week said my strength was looking pretty good, and I might try going back to aikido if I felt up to it (but if it hurts, don't do that).

So, as a quick test, I just had [ profile] dariodevil try shihonage and ikkyo on me, with the hopes of going at lunch today.

So Not Happening.

Root canal duly survived. It was not, in fact, bad at all; the one time I started to feel pain, the good doc just shot me up with another wodge of happy juice. I'm perfecly okay with that. Half my face still isn't working right, which does all kinds of interesting things when I try to drink. Or eat.

I dearly wish I'd thought to hold off another month and raise to one of the more coverage-full dental plans for long enough to get all this done, though. My wallet is hurting a hell of a lot more than my mouth at the moment.


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