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Back to running today. 4 min. warmup, 21 min. running--of which I amped up .5 mph for the last third of it--, 5 min. cooldown. The effect of the amping-up was somewhat drastic; I came much closer to overheating, and am much more tired than I would otherwise be. Other than that, though, I found it entirely delightful and joyous. My various traitor body parts seem to be holding up well, too.

I want to curl up in the sun and snooze now.
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It was clear that if I schluffed off exercise today (female doom or no female doom), insanity was going to ensue. Yoga won't start again until the semester does, but the gym is open, so thence I went. I intended to use the elliptical like a good sensible creature, but when I got down there the place was packed and every machine taken (of course! the New Years resolutions haven't worn off yet) but there was a treadmill open, so...

I didn't have a set project in mind, I just tried to pay attention to what my body was saying. Result:
- 5 min. walk to warm up
- 3 min. running
- 3 min. walk
- 8 min. running <---- !!!! !!!! !!!
- 3 min. walk
- 4 min. running
- 5 min. cool-down walk

Mind you, I haven't run in some eight months. And I aten't dead, which I expected to be. Certainly yoga is terrific exercise, but I wouldn't have pegged it for the same kind of aerobic stamina help, you know? But also, I wasn't striving and arghing and fighting against myself to do it; the best I can describe how I was feeling during that 8 minute stretch was "light-hearted joy".

OTOH, my increasing sense of body awareness has really brought home how exceedingly differently I move on my left vs. my right side. Some is from the injury, I know--yoga poses on the left side have been harder and less steady since last spring--but I assume that some is before that, and was the cause of the injury. I also couldn't find a correction that seemed to have both sides doing the same thing. (Of course they'll feel different simply because they have way different muscle memory & strength by now; this is not that.) I'm not sure who you consult on a matter like this. Doctor? Phys therapist? Trainer?

Feel good, but want nap now.


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