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[personal profile] jld: My god Cointreau is a great and terrible god.
[personal profile] serinde: What are you laying about his feet?
[personal profile] jld: I have done a terrible thing. I call it the Fake Scotsman.
[personal profile] serinde: Do tell.
[personal profile] jld: Scotch, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and a bit of lime juice.
[personal profile] serinde: (I have scrumble heightened with golden rum.)
[personal profile] serinde: That's....interesting.
[personal profile] serinde: How's it working out for you?
[personal profile] jld: Disturbingly well
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NYT article on Scotch; and it quotes the excellent and much-respected Ethan, spirit sommelier at the Brandy Library, who guided us throughout a wonderful evening on the occasion of [ profile] erinfinnegan's natal celebrations. (And who remembered the year-previous visit of [ profile] nedlnthred, [ profile] missionista, and me. Oh dear oh dear, I didn't think we were that memorable...)

Dear God, how I love that place. My idea of luxury is having enough wherewithal to be able to split my time between there and Little Branch. And maybe the 8th St. Winecellar.
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Last night, went down to get a Popsicle, realized it would be impossible to eat while playing CoH, and made a cocktail instead. This, in my head, is what passes for logic.

Take a double handful of very ripe raspberries, and about 10 mint leaves. Muddle the bejesus out of them with about 3/4 oz. white rum and a splash of simple syrup. When pulverized, strain into flute and fill up with the last of the bottle of Prosecco your housemate did not finish t'other night.

It's tasty, beautiful, and potent. JUST LIKE ME!


I'm not good at the self-affirmation. But it was a good drink.
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In which I chop up a pineapple, stick the chunks in a big ole pickle jar, and cover it over with Everclear.

We'll check back in on it next summer. Or perhaps the summer after.


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