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I met [ profile] sweh at our usual pub for a quick drink after work yesterday; the quicker because as usual in a holiday week I had an off-by-one error, forgetting it was Tuesday, which is their open mic night. So as soon as the mic opened, we departed. As I walked him to the PATH, we saw a mob of people in the middle of Sixth Ave with signs that we couldn't see; so after he descended into the depths, I noodled down to have a look.

It was, of course, people protesting the upholding of Prop 8, which seems obvious in retrospect. And so I stood for a minute as they started to surge uptown, and took the obligatory few blurred cellphone pics, and saw a couple of girls dashing from the crowd to join the march; and I thought to myself, "Self, I support this product and/or service, why do I not join the march too?" Self replied with a nebulous megrim, which was the usual combination of Not Putting Myself Forward and Who Am I, Anyways, To Stick My Oar In? and then I looked at Self and smacked it with a metaphorical fish, because of course the point of a public protest is for everyone who thinks that the protested item is Wrong can, should, and is welcome to participate. Therefore I too dashed from the crowd and joined the march, which went from there up to Union Square. I peeled off at the end of the march and took the subway home, not sticking around for the rally--there were plenty and enough people to fill the park, but more particularly I desperately needed to pee.

(No Tasering, no police shenanigans of any kind. I think they know better than to mess with the pride crowd by now and save it for the bicyclists instead.)
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""President George W. Bush will attend its [the refurbished Intrepid Air & Space Museum] Veterans Day ceremonies on Tuesday, November 11, and be presented with the 2008 Intrepid Freedom Award....The award recognizes world leaders who embody the ideals of world freedom and democracy."
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1. Prop 8. What the fucking hell, California?

2. It would seem that Alaska is re-electing the convicted felon, Senator Tubes. Way to live up to all the stereotypes we developed of you since Palin came on the scene, guys.
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Canada: the haven of calm, polite, friendly sanity. Our Northern Escape Hatch from the pressure-cooker of crazed neoconservatism that is threatening to become thick enough to walk on.

Canada, where some crazy fuck (or fucks) is cutting brake lines of cars parked at houses that have Liberal Party signs up.
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I have consumed rather a lot of Plymouth gin, and must retire now.

Summation: Biden utterly pwn3d Palin on a lot of factual points, but had a couple chokes that I am sure did not help him fly with the voting base, and occasionally prosed on past the American baseline TL;DR point. OTOH, his momentary small breakdown on the topic of one's own child's death probably played very well in Peoria. Palin came off far, far better than her recent public exposure led us to expect, but it's a sad day in American politics when a candidate is lauded for only making a partial ass of herself.

It is worthwhile to note that, although spoken language is perforce a slightly-separate animal from written language, the partial transcript shows that Biden's remarks are generally pretty sensible in either context, where as Palin's generally come out as gibberish if you see them written down. As I remarked to [ profile] shechameleon, "if you try to diagram her sentences, they look like bugsplat."
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From last night's VP interviews, here's just a single line from Caribou Barbie:

"I'm, in that sense, a federalist, where I believe that states should have more say in the laws of their lands and individual areas."

Now, back when I was in civics class, a federalist was someone who approved of a strong Federal government, and wanted less power being given to the states. Perhaps it is different in Alaska.
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It would seem that the Perils of the Nebulous Foe extend beyond peace slogans in Arabic and are insinuating their way into our own hallowed tongue.

Joe had to meet a colocation customer earlier this week at one of our variably annoying colo facilities so that said customer could perform some maintenance on his machine.

Joe signed in with his name and our company name on the appropriate fields on the sign-in log.

The customer signed in with his name, directly below Joe's entry, and put in ditto marks under the "company" field.

Quoth the reception jockey: "Oh, no, I can't accept a ditto mark there, you have to write it out in full. Terrorists, you know!"
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In case anyone was still operating under delusions that the current admin. didn't have a game plan of fucktardery long before bin Laden gave them a gift-wrapped opportunity to enact same, court filings this week show that the NSA came to AT&T about wiretapping calls seven months before 9/11.
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...which are, frankly, scarier than the big neon flashing ones. Because we're all getting accustomed to the fundamentalists' assaults on our rights, on what we may see and do--the abortion debates, the nekkid bQQbie debates, all that sort of thing, we see them coming; we mobilize, we write letters, we rant in LJ, the ACLU and the EFF and all their fellow-travelers weigh in; the battle isn't won, no, not by a long chalk, but the fight is there and we all see it.

And we never notice their Fifth Column silently stealing ground way in our backfield.

Like this morning, when 92.3, nee K-Rock, now Free FM, dropped the words "giving head" out of "Walk On The Wild Side".

Herewith, the text of the comment I just sent them: )
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South Dakota bans abortions, starting a chain of events which their obnoxious smug legislature hopes will eventually overturn Roe v. Wade. Fundies everywhere piddle selves in delight.


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