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[Meant to post this a week ago but, well, events.]

On Saturday the 19th, [ profile] elibalin and I daytripped to the New York Comic-Con. This is our story. Sort of.

11:30am: On line, which is very long. They might consider giving out the registration forms at the end of the line, not the head of it. A really great Ghostbusters costume just went by. So did a dorky Punisher (hint: white satin gloves do not say homicidal crimefighter, kids) and a quite over-substantial Emma Frost (OH GOD MY EYES).

11:45am: CBLDF booth. Poster-sized pages of Eisner's "Story of the Protocols of Zion". I learned many things, including that the Protocols of Zion are an actual thing, not a joke; that it was a rip-off of a French satirist's work done by a Russian faction trying to mess with the Czar; and--here's a big one--that when it was exposed as a hoax, Henry Ford recanted his previous anti-Semitic position. Lots of people talk about Ford being an anti-Semite, but I'd never heard anyone mention that he spoke out to say "er, I was wrong, sorry about that."

It is a sin and a shame that, despite being a comix fan since high school, I'd never heard of Eisner until [ profile] dariodevil hung a picture of The Spirit over his desk.

11:55am: Comics are now officially an all-gender fandom. The line for the women's bathroom goes on for miles.

12 noon: This place is full of No. Anime "Johnny Ramone Army"? What? Also, neon Japanese swords. OTOH, I heartily approve of the piles of beanbag chairs at the end of several aisles serving as mini-lounges.

12:05pm: LIEEEEEEEEEEEFELD!!! Armageddon Now looks like his usual shite.

12:45pm: Filthy hucksters section. D is right. Everyone's world stops at 1975, goddammit.

2pm: Have gone through most of the filthy hucksters, and found a lot of things I was looking for in a 50c. bin. We're wandering aimlessly through Artists' Alley, which also includes writers, don't ask me. Would like to meet Geoff Johns but the line is around the block. A lot of the artists look very lonely, poor things. We have holed up to camp in a corner for The Pause That Refreshes, in lieu of paying $4 for a Coke.

4:20pm: Back after lunch with [ profile] nedlnthred in Bryant Park. We are in line for The Goddamn Spirit, which event is, unsurprisingly, late. I will undoubtedly regret not stopping to pee, but I guess I can always use this to make a Statement if need be.

4:30pm: Still not king.

4:50pm: Finally inside. Still not started. We have a momentary fear that they aren't running late and this will actually be showing some wretched anime crap.

4:55pm: Some kid who's in Speed Racer has come out. He is singing. [ profile] elibalin: "Opening acts always suck."

Hey! New Batman trailer! Huge pop.

The actual panel members come out. Producer, ... and another producer?... and the Goddamn Frank, dressed in a black suit, fedora, and red tie--so I guess those posters are accurate, not just being dramatically B&W, and it won't be a blue suit. Blerg.

"Surprise guest" turns out to be Eva Mendes, who will be Sand Saref. Well, anything but Jessica Alba, say I.

The camera keeps staying on Eva, instead of whomever's talking. heh.

It seems clear to me that Miller does indeed have the utmost respect for Eisner's work, that he's perfectly genuine in this; and when he's talking about "modernizing", it's not necessarily wrong; but in HOW he's doing it, I think he is vastly, tragically missing the point. "Modernizing" does not mean "make it like a low-rent Sin City". Rather, it's what Darwyn Cooke did in actual comics format. I think this film is going to hurt a lot.

The teaser is not really anything more than what we see in the three-part poster. I grant that the very first shot of it is Eisneriffic, but everything after that smells way too much like Sin City.

5:45pm: Checking out. I missed JRjr at his booth and at Marvel; missed Johns; don't have anything to say to Morrison; too tired to stand in line for Van Sciver or Albequerque. Some good hall costumes--Hellboy, Mr. Freeze, a Batman, several Poison Ivys, Rorshach. And a non-costumed girl, regular street clothes, but with her head partially shaved to show that particular Spider tattoo. Also many terrible ones, from the painted-on Nightwing on down. But I have a sackful of immediately-post-Crisis Blue Beetles and Booster Golds, and Impulse: Reckless Youth, and JSA: Darkness Falls. And that's okay.
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Please stop wrecking my favorite comics. Your twin +5 weapons, Mischaracterization and Inability To Craft A Plot That Makes Sense, are making Birds of Prey mediocre and Teen Titans a giant, festering pile of horse diarrhea.

Just so you know, if you come anywhere near Booster Gold, you are as dead as disco.

No love whatsoever,


Edit: Oh fucking wonderful, and Will "Amazon Attacks" Pfeiffer is going on Blue Beetle. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS
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Sunday was perhaps not the best day to go; there wasn't a lot going on other than the dealers' room and Land of Signings. Now, the shopping was tolerably good--I got several things I lacked at bargain prices--but it would have been nice to see panels or talks or some such. Also, the place was very ill-organized, and the maps they put in the "program" were next to useless. I realize the organizers were probably exceedingly hard up for space, but a place where you could just sit down and gather your thoughts for a second would have been worth its weight in gold.

In spite of this moderate amount of meh, nevertheless I am full of OMG SQUEE that is beyond the SQUEE I can ordinarily SQUEE. As we were getting ready to leave, I noted that the press around Darwyn Cooke's table had finally let up, so I swam my way over. I didn't have anything for him to sign (or anyone else, not having my thinking cap on this morning) but I really wanted to tell him how much I was enjoying his work on The Spirit, and to thank him for doing it. So I did, in my usual tongue-tied and stuttering fashion as comes upon me whenever I meet A Famous Person. He smiled and thanked me, and said that was very sweet of me; and as I embarrassedly ducked my head and thanked him again, he said "Oh what the heck" and GAVE ME A COPY OF THE BEAUTIFUL HARDCOVER of the first several issues. I melted into Happy Tears and incoherent thanks, and floated out of the building.
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Booster Gold #1 is composed of sheer, unadulterated love and joy. I hereby unconditionally forgive Johns for letting Richard Donner poop all over Action Comics for the past year. I chortled, I laughed, I got teary-eyed, I pounded the floor screaming "YES!". (And I am not saying this on account of the last panel, either, so don't you go there with me, girlfriend.)

Teen Titans #50: Finally, we are done with Amazons Pointlessly Rampaging and can return to our regularly scheduled comic. The Bart memorial was righteous. I still do not care for Supergirl being pastede on yay, and I feel that they have not yet figured out what Cassie's current personality hooks should be other than "very touchy & short-tempered", but I believe there's a decent chance of a strong ongoing team coming out of this. Am looking forward to seeing what they make of the next arc, which it looks like is going to have to do with the narsty "Future Is Now" grown-up versions; this is likely to make it or break it for me.

Blue Beetle #18: Other half of the TT issue. Remains consistently delightful; this one even more than usual. WHY AREN'T YOU BUYING IT?

Still to come: Superman #666, The Spirit #9, Flash #231, Brave and the Bold #6, New Warriors #3. And Birds of Prey, erm, #109 I think; which is, as I already know from [ profile] scans_daily, going to piss me off a lot, at least in one spot. Dear Tony Bedard: Let me introduce you to a little concept called "fact checking". Until then, eat a dick. XOXOXO
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Goddammit, there is ANOTHER month's worth of Amazons Attack pukefest in my Teen Titans. This had better be the last of it. And there would appear to be Countdown spooge in Superman. (Haven't cracked Nightwing yet; it appears to be innocent of editorial poop. Probably because they're excercising that need with whatever stupidity is going on with Outsiders right now.)

Blue Beetle remains awesome, as does Daredevil--in which this issue suddenly explains why I've been liking Milla less and less as time went on. The reason isn't what I thought, though. Or who.
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I was so very, very right to drop Meltzer's "Justice League of America" after two issues. I mean, I already knew that, because it's long been clear he has no clue about the characters he's writing, the universe he's writing in, or indeed the first thing about putting together a superhero comic; but we are now officially Done.
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Or, Does Mark Waid Have To Smack A Bitch?

(Let it be noted that although I like much of Waid's writing, and quite a lot at that[1], I'm not being a drooling fan follower when I say this smackdown is composed of pure awesome. I will admit it's gratifying that my off-the-cuff, totally-armchair, unlearned opinion of the original post is borne out by someone who'd be In The Know--that is, I felt it contained what seemed to be some excellent points that were mostly or completely obscured by a giant cloud of smug superiority that appeared to have no basis for its existence.)

[1] And some quite not. I got some words to say about Birthright.
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Abnett and Lanning are going to be continuing their character assassination of Nova in a monthly series once Annihilation is over.

Oh, well, I suppose at least it's not Chuck Austen.

--Nope. Doesn't help. Still pissed off.
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There is nothing about this comic that is not crap.
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Finally read Annihiliation:Nova #1.

Story itself:
Fine, whatever. I don't know anything about Annihilus, so if he has an all-conquering bug armada in his back pocket, I don't have a problem with it. (Especially if it got Nova out of the meat grinder they turned the New Warriors into, starting with that abortion perpetrated by Skottie Whatsisfuck and brought to anti-term to serve as the spawn point for Civil War.) They seem to be writing Nova himself reasonably well.

Now, I know the Nova Corps was always sort of an off-screen GLC ripoff, but have they ever managed to make the serial number almost legible here. Even down to "How 'bout that boy from Earth, what a hothead, ho ho ho!".

That looks nothing, and I do mean nothing, like Richie. He doesn't have orange-brown hair. He doesn't have blue eyes. He doesn't look like a neurasthenic git--even when he was the prototypical 98-lb. weakling at the start of his first solo series, he didn't.
Also, I'm full of dislike for the new!shiny! Nova-Armor. The only thing you can say for it is that the artist draws the helmet far, far better than he does Rich's face.

I don't know if I'm going to buy the rest. I think I'll have to. But I almost couldn't force myself to read the pages where Rich had his helmet off.


(I'm going to have to get a good Nova icon before the only piccies I can find are this new shite.)
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...well, two out of three ain't bad.

For to deal with the chaos of settling into the new house and preparing to move to a new office (which campaign is less like a strategic operation and more like a clown parade), I've been living on coffee & chocolate (the latter provided to our platoon through the kind offices of [ profile] shirleym and [ profile] tactisle--thanks, guys!). It's therefore not entirely surprising I'm getting something of the wild-eyed look of Rutger Hauer in Split Second.

In comics news, this seems to be the Year Of Doing Stuff With My Favorite Characters, Who Are So Obscure No One Knows Them But Me, So Hey, Great Fodder. They've already kacked my boy Ted, and now it seems they're turning their attention to my boy Rich. However, it looks as if Nova will survive, unlike poor ol' BB. I also take comfort in the fact that, whatever they do, it can't possibly be worse than the craptastic attempted revival of New Warriors from earlier in the year which appeared to be aimed at the Pokemon crowd. It may even be good. If it is, I guess it will be an excuse to get off my lazy butt and finally create the LJ icon out of my Nova-symbol tattoo. Yes, yes I have one. My fandom is skin-deep.
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I must go kneecap whoever fucked up the Wikipedia entry for Blue Beetle. Most of it's fine, but I'm sorry, kids, just because Chuck fucking Dixon fails to do a bit of research and says once in a book in which Beetle is a bit character that Ted, in this case, stands for Edward--well, this does not invalidate decades of previous canon stating that our boy's real name is Theodore.

The thing that really irritates me is that I'm now going to have to unpack all my comics, which are all tidily packed up for moving, so I can quote chapter and verse when I go to fix this wretched disinformation.
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Herewith, [ profile] dariodevil's polemic on the problems with the more recent takes on Superman (Jeph Loeb, I'm looking at you, you talentless hack).

I heartily endorse this product and/or service. )
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I think this sums up the costume decisions in the upcoming Superman film nicely.
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[ profile] dariodevil's slowpoke mail-order company finally sent his last month's stuff right before we left for London, and sweet thing that he is (and knowing what a huge Blue Beetle fan I am), he lent me Countdown #1 to read on the plane. Inside the below link you will find my exhausted, emotional, stream of consciousness and run-on sentenceful reaction to same which took up six scribbled pages in my notebook. But hey, it passed the time.

So, if you are not down with the spandex, do not be with the clicking. )

I was going to post this to rac.*, but since it's like SIX WEEKS after everyone else has read & talked about Countdown, it seems sort of like digging up a dead horse. So I'm not sure and I welcome input on that score ([ profile] dvandom, [ profile] akawil, I'm looking at you).


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