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I am not as dutiful a daughter as I might be, but it was about that time, so I called Mom tonight. (When we do talk, it's usually pretty good, I hasten to add.)

The conversation roamed a fair bit and then into the Grammys, touched on Whitney Houston ("yes, it's too bad what happened to her. Can we stop with the canonization?"), then Adele ("She does have a great voice, and some great songs, but it doesn't have to be the same song every time I turn on the radio"), then the Who The Fuck Is Paul McCartney fail ("That's not real, is it? They're just being ironic, right?" "The Internet is not that self-aware."), and then...

Mom: "There was one category, I forget which, but the Foo Fighters won. They were the only band of all of them that I'd heard of."
Me: *looks up Grammy nominees*
Me: "Ah. Coldplay—they have some good stuff, and some less good; I don't know this song. The Decemberists are awesome but I don't know why this song got the nod, particularly. Mumford & Sons should have won. Radiohead FJDKLFJDSKLJFDLSJKLAJLFDJ WELL THANK FUCK THEY DIDN'T WIN AT LEAST"
Me: *ten minute exposition of why I hate Radiohead with the force of a million exploding suns*
Mom: "You know I'm going to have to check them out now, just to see why you hate them so much."
Me: "Go to YouTube and look up the video for Lotus Flower, so you can get the whole fucking horrible effect. Then look up the video for Lotus Flower Yakety Sax and you'll feel like living again."
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Some several months ago, [ profile] nedlnthred were enticed to hitch our wagons to Ships and Dip, the fourth of that name. The concept, if you do not feel like making clicky, is that the Barenaked Ladies and a bunch of bands they like / are friends with get on a Caribbean cruise ship and invite you, yes, YOU along. So it's like a regular cruise, except that awesome music is constantly breaking out all over. And, as Tami (our Pied Piper) put it, wouldn't you rather go on a cruise with a pack of alt-rock fans than with blue-haired old ladies playing shuffleboard?

Yes. Yes I would.

Saturday: Miami )

Sunday: Getting on board, settling in, music! )
serinde: (brew-up) I hope to expand on some or all of these items later.

1. [ profile] nedlnthred and I went to see Springsteen last night. It was a show of extreme awesomeness and energy, with the Encore that Never Ended, a thing we were just fine with. (I am here to tell you, though, that the new and probably exceedingly expensive parking arrangements at the Continental Airlines Arena^W^W^W IZOD Center are the worst I have ever seen at a venue, bar none.)

2. Therefore, today, we drove down to Asbury Park for the day, and what a beautiful day. It is not the howling wasteland of skank that it was when we attended a party there some years ago; it is being niced up, and in the good way, not the generic-corporate-chain way.

3. The buyers of the house have backed out, which is maybe not such a loss since they were major fucking pains in the ass, but it's awfully annoying to not be able to sit back and say "the fucker's sorted". Certain other vast irritants have cropped up in this arena, too, chiefly because we trusted people we were paying to tell us of things that in theory they should have been expert in when we were buying the place. Feh.

4. Tomorrow: Improv Everywhere MP3 experiment.
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For some reason, "Court of the Crimson King" is showing up in iTunes as being by Steve Hackett. Which, yes, I hear tell he covered it, but this is unquestionably the original version.
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Steve just found a link to a project digitizing old cylinders (that's what came before records, kids).
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(This was last week Thursday, I'm just running behind.)

[ profile] sedai and Non-Livejournal-Member Mr. sedai, in a spirit of purest kindness and friendship that I cannot possibly requite, gave me their spare ticket to this show. I'd seen Buffett once before, sort of, when I drove Mr. sedai (who was not that, then) to a show out at Jones Beach, since he was not car-enabled; that being an open amphitheatre, I was perfectly happy to sit out on top of my car and listen to the tunage while lolling in the warm summer air (as I was accustomed to doing in my broke high-school and college years), but about 1/3 of the way through someone who had a spare ticket just gave it to me, so I got in anyways. There's something weirdly trendlike, here.

Anyways: a fantastic show, and a fantastic time. The man's not any younger, but it quite simply doesn't matter. He loves what he does, and we love what he does, and that's all any of us need. It was also of particular moment for me: you positively cannot listen to Jimmy Buffett and not feel mellow and good and hopeful.

OMG HE PLAYED "SOUTHERN CROSS" OMG OMG OMG. And "One Particular Harbour", which is one of my big favorites, but I did not think it was big enough to get concert play. And one of the encores was "Glory Days", which I found really nifty; I don't tend to think of him having a crossover with Springsteen, y'know?

Also, I smuggled in a hip flask of dark rum past the Myrmidons of Madison Square Garden, because I am that damn good.
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The place that I would most want to go dancing is the kind of place that would play Oingo Boingo.
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During our morning discussion of There Must Be A Music Scene Around Here Somewhere, Steve started playing me some mp3s of a band he's discovered called Sound of Urchin, who are locals, it seems. Me likey. They range between sounding sort of modern-alternative and good heavy crushing rock--weirdly schizophrenic. I do not mind this in the least.

They're playing in Philadelphia with the Butthole Surfers (!!!) at the end of June, and we are going to see if we can skip out that Friday to catch the show. I don't know if I'm grown-up enough to see Gibby Haynes in all his mad glory, but I want to find out.
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Acting on a tip, we hopped a bus out to points slightly west, namely the Annandale Hotel. For $10 we saw four bands, of which--mirabile dictu--none sucked. The acts in question were:

Hunter Dienna: a chick singer and dude guitarist. They were not bad, perhaps a bit consciously Nick Cave-esque, but had some actual ability along that line. Particularly liked his guitar work. Steve's Review: "She just needed some eyeliner to be a Siouxie Sioux goth princess." (He wishes me to point out that this was not intended to be the severe indictment it could come off as.)

Loene Carmen: The band was pretty talented instrument-wise, but the eponymous singer's voice was not really up to being showcased. One song, Nashville [something or other], was more suited to her ability and was correspondingly pleasing. Steve's Review: "Good songwriting, but the singer's voice was too thin to carry most of it."

Bridezilla: Definitely the high point of the evening. Consists of singer, guitarist, drummer, and very spazzy but talented violinist and sax player. They were, alas, purveying no merchandise, but we intend to look them up. Steve's Review: "Great dramatic songwriting, energizing stage presence. Highly recommended."

The Scare: A Strokes or Jet-like band with a singer who was either actually fucked up or so busy with his Punk Star Persona that he was acting like it. It's too bad; I think there's some talent there; but they can't really make it gel. Steve's Review: "Too many notes."

The venue has more stuffs every night this week. We may well return. They seem to be having their Bad Movie Night tomorrow, too. "Death Curse of Tartu", forsooth.

I should also mention that, before the place opened, we wandered into a music store--an ALL VINYL MUSIC STORE--a few doors down and ended up in a long chat with the store owner. He was apparently in a band called Salacious Crumb, which I said I'd heard that name, only now realizing it's because it is one of the aliens in Star Wars; der. Anyways he had much woe and grief to say about the death of Sydney's music scene, and culture in general. Also he regretfully informed me that the reason I can't find any Beasts of Bourbon albums in this, their homeland, is because they are generally regarded with a cringe hereabouts; the comparison he drew was with Ted Nugent as representative of America. Ouch. Ouch, I say.

Rock Band!

Feb. 18th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Our long national nightmare is over: at last we have an XBox Elite. With the right sort of motherboard, even. (Yes, and a Wii, all at the same time. Life is like that sometimes.)

We buckled down to some serious song unlocking this evening, and then relaxed for a bit of fnu. I knocked the vocals out of the park on "Don't Fear the Reaper"--well, big fucking duh. Steve, however, muffed the guitar solo and nearly got booed off stage. Buck Dharma he is not. (I did slightly less well on "Suffragette City" because I kept getting distracted by the "oh, is *that* what the words are there? Huh." And by the time we got to "Go With The Flow" I'd had enough wine that my voice was doing wacky things.)

Am much looking forward to trying "Dani California".

The guys from Boston have much to answer for. "Foreplay/Long Time" is one of the maybe ten songs that's unlocked from the get-go, and it's listed under "Impossible Songs", and they do not lie; nevertheless it keeps showing up in the random set lists you have to succeed at to unlock more stuff. DOOM DOOM DOOM

Playing drums is really. fucking. hard. Bass and guitar are about the same as in Guitar Hero (go figure), so with me on bass and Steve on guitar we are a tolerably smooth unlocking machine.
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whine bitch moan complain )

(Let me take this moment to express my gratitude to [ profile] naudia for making breakfast. I would have been in much worse state without hot food in my belly.)

Naturally, therefore, it was a day for Judas Priest. By happy coincidence, "Metal Works" and "Angel of Retribution" were both among the morning's transfers. In spite of being on the 8am train, which sucks mightily and is the main impetus for me to catch an earlier train even though I can usually make it on time with the later one, by the time we hit Secaucus I was in a much better frame of mind, because how can you not be after half an hour of Rob Halford's musical pep talks?

Note to Gen-Yers: This is why we will forever be kicking your asses up one side of the street and down the other. Our teenage-alienation songs are about being lone freedom fighters against the robotic soldiers of oppressive totalitarian regimes. Yours are about huddling in the corner sobbing because your mommies didn't love you enough. MAN UP, YOU BIG GIRL'S BLOUSES.
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Went with Beth last night (tix were a combined birthday/Xmas present for her, as she is enormous Springsteen fan). I can't think when I've ever seen a show with that much pure energy. Absolutely fucking fantastic.

And if you're going to see him, it goes without saying that the place to see him is in New Jersey. Because every one of those 20,000 people bellowing about Highway 9, you know they mean it.
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A week ago Sunday (that's the 9th, for them as don't obsessively have Google Calendar open), we went to see the Hoodoo Gurus at Maxwell's. You may not have heard of them. Because why? Because they're an Australian band from the 80s, mostly. I hadn't heard of them before moving in with Steve, Your Source For Curiously Obscure Rock. Indeed, they broke up in 1998. And what where they doing in some wee bar in Hoboken? I have no clue, and it was the sheerest serendipity that I discovered it. A timely browse of Wikipedia => their web site => Y HELO THAR, tour info!

And so we went, and it was good. No: it was Awesome. They seriously rocked the house. And at the start, Dave-the-lead-singer apologized because they were only going to play stuff from their first two albums. (I rejoiced, because those are the only ones I have. Nor did the rest of the audience seem woeful.) A small bit of sadness was that they did not play two of my favorite cuts from Stoneage Romeos ("Tojo" and "Zanzibar") but they played damn near everything else, so I can't complain.

Awesome, yes, and very likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So glad I seized the chance.

ObCute: Directly in front of me were a group of some half-dozen youngish Australians, who were excitedly phoning their buds in Sydney in the "Guess what WE'RE doing right now!" fashion.
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Or, "sometimes a two-headed goat is just a random mutation".

I am working out, trying to get rid of the I Have Not Gone To Aikido twitches so I will be able to sleep. [ profile] audiovile is running through TiVo'd music videos & keeping me company.

0:01: Your humble correspondent: Oh blech, it's My Chemical Romance. Fast forward.
Steve: Now, they did have one damn cool video. It might happen again.

0:45: YHC: ...this is kinda okay.

1:15: YHC: It doesn't suck. I...almost like it.
S: Yeah, it's sort of a departure for them, isn't it? It almost sounds like they went to a party, had a really good time, and then came home and wrote a song.
YHC: Well, it's still about the woe of teenagerness. But it's not *whiney*.

1:30: YHC: Wait. This is really familiar.


1:55: YHC: "Life Is A Minestrone", in fact.
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Steve picked this album up last fall based on the recommendation of some reviewer or other (I'm not clear on the details). As often happens in these cases, its arrival was preceded by him constantly playing a few tracks he'd downloaded; and as often happens in these cases, I was just sort of vaguely aware of it and 85% tuning it out. My general impression was "somewhat-goofy, almost-parody of country rock, with a singer just nasal enough to bug me".

In the interim months, I became aware of a desire to hear the whole album. So I would play it in the kitchen, mostly still not paying attention. Then I ripped it to my MP3 player and actually listened to it, particularly the lyrics. Now I can't live without it.
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Saturday night, the universe was kind enough to continue its trend of giving me do-overs on all the Big Important Shows I was too young to see the first time.

And by that I mean:




(Oh, and there were some jabronies called Machine Head opening for them, who sucked in every conceivable fashion, up to and including a gratuitous Diamond Dimebag Darrell fansquee moment. Ignore.)

Megadeth seriously brought the house down. Incredible; just incredible. Tight and fast and hard, thank you kindly; no over-wankery, just METAL!~. Also, Dave Mustaine is still way hot.

Dio + Sabbath's average was a little lower than Megadeth, but their high points were higher. Or, well, maybe not everyone ranks hearing "Neon Knights" in the original style on their Top Ten Things I Need To Do Before I Die list. But it was stormin'. Some small issues were that their sound man should have been taken out back and shot--Dio's voice kept getting downmixed under the instruments, which is very, very wrong--; sometimes the wankery went on a little long for my taste; and (not their fault, of course) it was ass-freezing cold and by then standing in motorcycle boots on cement for nigh four hours was taking its extreme toll on my constitution. But. I would not trade it for the world.
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Beth brought this CD along on our Easter Death March to Ohio. Never heard of 'em. Should have hated it. It blew me away, particularly the third song (which [ profile] dariodevil kindly informed me later is the theme song for The Sopranos. Well, I didn't know...), and nothing would serve but that I must get a copy.

The band is neither from Alabama nor a three-piece. They do what they describe as "country acid-house gospel". I should hate it. But I'm enthralled with it and can't stop listening to it. Yes, have some.


Jan. 15th, 2007 08:26 pm
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In the midst of a pookiful music-sharing evening, we find that Flogging Molly is playing the Starland Ballroom, their only metro-area show, on March 9th. WE MUST GO!.

You should go, too.

ObCurrentSong: This band was apparently top of the charts both in the UK and the US, and I can see how that would be (except I'm surprised in the unusual show of taste from the masses). Why is it that I only heard them on Radio Paradise? Oh that's right, because NYC radio is UTTER AND COMPLETE GARBAGE.
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Where has this album been all my life?!
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Syd Barrett's gone.

(Oddly, he appears to have died last week, but it's only being announced now. Not sure what's up with that.)


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