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[ profile] syringavulgaris: I haven't learned to say "I'm super-talented" yet.
[ profile] dariodevil: Sono incazzato!
[ profile] syringavulgaris: I did learn that I got 100% on the test, though it was 97% before the extra credit.
[ profile] dariodevil: You are not good enough!
[ profile] syringavulgaris: Sono una studentessa studiosa!
[ profile] syringavulgaris: Ho bisogno di caffe.
[ profile] dariodevil: No, no, no
[ profile] dariodevil: Are you trying to say you need coffee?
[ profile] syringavulgaris: Yes. We learned that not ten minutes ago.
[ profile] dariodevil: You are aware there is formal and conversational language, correct?
[ profile] syringavulgaris: Yeah, though the only formal bits we've learned about is 2nd person formal.
[ profile] syringavulgaris: using "Lei" instead of "tu"
[ profile] dariodevil: That sentence can best be described as formal
[ profile] syringavulgaris: So how do I say "Jesus Christ I need a coffee"?
[ profile] dariodevil: Christo, bisogno il caffe!
[ profile] dariodevil: For bonus points, "Christo de una Mala Donna!" works well.
[ profile] dariodevil: Try it in class one day
[ profile] dariodevil: Also, "Porco Dio" is good, too.
[ profile] syringavulgaris: "mala donna", isn't that "bad lady" ?
[ profile] dariodevil: Yes. The phrase essentially means "Christ from a whore."
[ profile] dariodevil: It is a very bad phrase I was told not to say as a child.
[ profile] dariodevil: My father said it all the time.
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[ profile] syringavulgaris: Scusi me, dov'e di uffizio postale?
[ profile] syringavulgaris: LOOK I KNOW STUFF
[ profile] dariodevil: Minchia!
[ profile] syringavulgaris: long as the post office is what I need to get to
[ profile] syringavulgaris: What's that?
[ profile] dariodevil: Penis!
[ profile] dariodevil: Now you are smarter than you were before.
[ profile] syringavulgaris: The prof said the first day, when he was going over pronunciation, that it's important to really roll with the double consonants, because otherwise "penne", a type of pasta, becomes "pene", a penis.
[ profile] dariodevil: Well, yeah, "pene" is the medical term.
[ profile] dariodevil: "Minchia" is the "Dario's people grab their groin and make this sound while waving their arm around and spitting on the ground while Malta scores a goal on Palermo during league finals" version.
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So, I've registered for a class, which means I now have a bill. It's free for me, as an employee of a particular flavor, but until the papers are pushed the bill does indeed show my tuition. It also shows my application fee (they don't actually charge it until you're accepted and actually taking courses, which is unusually kind of them), and...the Student Technology Fee.

My salary is paid out of the Tech Fee.

I'm paying myself.


Jan. 8th, 2009 10:20 am
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I MADE IT MYSEEEELF and you ought to recognize it, or what are you doing on my flist? oh fine it's the scene from Real Genius where they're studying for finals, just as the one kid freaks out and runs away screaming

So, contingent on eSIMS being up and stuff next week when I go to register, it looks like I'll be taking Elementary Italian on M & Th, 8:10 - 9:25AM. (This necessitates me making up an hour of work a week, but considering most days I'm in by 8:40 and don't leave til 5:15, I think it works out to a push.)
serinde: (YAY) a minor fashion. I have just received my Official Letter of Admittance from Hunter, saying I've been accepted as a non-degree undergrad student. (This because I'm going to take a language, either French or Italian, this semester; both because I need language, and also to see how well I cope with coursework + normal life. If I perform well in a testing environment, I'll apply to the Grad Center for the fall.) (Note to [ profile] spride: it doesn't mention MyChoice at all. ^_^)

Mind you, this is some several weeks after I was poking around on the CUNY Portal, testing out new forms of their breakage, and noticed that I'd suddenly had a student affiliation tacked onto my Portal account; so I already knew I was in like Flynn. This sums up operations in these parts, really.
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So, this conference, hight Accessorizing the Renaissance Body.

A few general impressions:

1) A lot of gender-studies people are somewhat wack, and think everything's a nail for their hammer.
2) I see NYU uses Sodexho for their caterers, too. Oh those plastic pastries.
3) If something is of little interest or uninterestingly presented, I can keep awake if I force myself to take notes. <--- important for future grad school aspirations
3a) It's gotten a lot harder to take notes by hand! I'm so used to doing it on a laptop these days. I think that, if my grad school aspirations are realized, this is what an Eeeeeeee would be good for.

Session I: Working with Accessories )

Session II: Renaissance Erotics )

Then lunch, which we had with some of Beth's FIT acquaintances at the Olive Tree Cafe. mmmm hummus.

Session III: Dressing Up )

Session IV: Taking Accessories Seriously )

At the end, we schmoozed a bit (well, mostly Beth. I'm slowly learning) and we introduced ourselves to the professor who did the "response" closing remarks, who is apparently a Person of Much Note (I think every presenter, or almost every one, quoted his work). I am fairly well convinced that he is actually Doctor Who in a new incarnation.

A worthwhile day, all in all.
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I have been dithering for several weeks about mailing the Graduate Center with the "o hai I can haz free PhD?", getting the details of how it works and is there any wiggle room in the requirements for us full-time working slobs and whatnot, because I'm really wussy about contacting people out of the blue, even if I have good reason. And finally, today as I stared at the accusingly-red item in OmniFocus's task list, it occurred to me: If I don't have the cojones to even send a Goddamn email to a Goddamn published contact address, then I am not worthy to be Madame Doctor Swann.

Mail is now sent.

Edit: And autoresponded 'cause the office is closed for vacation HA HA HA.


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