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Grandma died early this morning.

As has been noted, intimated, and occasionally ranted about in this space, one could say that she has been gone for awhile. I have not felt like My Grandma Who I Know And Love has been there for well over a year, maybe two, and I have been intermittently tearful and howlish about that; and she has been in varying states of mental and physical discomfort for most of that time, which is now thankfully over; but it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference to how I feel right now.

...aaaaand I realize it's the same as when Grandpa died, so you might think I'd've known to expect this?

Funeral is Monday. Airlines are useless (dear JetBlue: plz start flying to Cleveland, kthxbye) so I guess I'm driving. I think Bud can make it. I was just musing last weekend "I should get him a tuneup in case I need to make the long trip", ho ho ho.

Gotta pull my shorts up and get to work. Later for thinking about her loving kindness, and never-failing patience, and true faith, and [aaaa stop now]


Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:51 pm
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Got an update from Mom. Grandma's gotten much worse psycho-emotionally again (though by turns, she has times of realizing that she's unclear on a lot of what is reality and what is not--is that better, or worse?) and now, as a result, she's declining physically. It doesn't help that her therapy has been declared Complete and so they won't be doing anything to help maintain her physical self.

Not sure what happens next. No idea how long a person's mind, body, and spirit can sustain in this kind of state.
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Mom has been mailing updates this week and Grandma continues to improve. Emotionally/personality-wise, she is back to just about where she was before the effluvium hit the whirlyblades (though I don't know if she's still on haloperidol); mentally she has to take a little bit more time to access memories than had been the case, but she does find them. She's able to walk a little bit with her walker, and though her hands are still very lacking in mobility & strength, Mom reports that she's showing steady improvement. (Three cheers for physical therapy.) I don't yet know the longer-term prognosis (if indeed it exists yet), like whether she'll be able to go back to assisted living or what, but in any case her quality of life is looking way up.

Thank you all for the kind thoughts, comments, advice and so on during these last couple weeks. I really appreciate it.


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