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So the leadership program of great renown had its last session the first week of this month; and once that heat was off, as well as the start-of-semester wharrgarbl dying down, I determined to make another go at the various lifestyle changes I had worked out back in June. If you don't feel like making the clicky, it boiled down to these:

1) stop what I'm doing by 10:30, be in bed by 11
2) do some yoga or other calisthenics in the morning, rather than coffee-and-stare-at-internets; carry coffee into work
3) ride bike more
4) spend less money; take lunch more, cook more
5) be diligent about tracking what I eat

Concurrent with this, right after the program ended I was feeling unusually down. There are, of course, any number of possible contributing factors--kitty, major project stress, seasonal change?--but it made a useful benchmark.

For each of the last three weeks, I have done yoga 4 of 5 work mornings; rode my bike to & from work either two or three times; been increasingly good about food tracking (it's not 100% but we're getting there); and been cooking and taking my lunch more often than not*. I've also been going out less. I have not been entirely diligent about bedtime, but I'm in bed by 11:15 more often than not.

Results thus far:
+ I am in much, much better state of mind, on the whole.
+ Weight is at last starting to creep downwards.
+ I have spent a lot more time working on my stuff, whether it be knitting, sewing, cooking, or domestic improvements.
+ My complexion has gotten clearer (!). This makes little sense to me, considering I haven't eaten less sugar or chocolate, neither of which is usually my downfall anyways, but there it is.
+ The apartment is getting closer to where I want it to be.
+ Biking is becoming easier! I am in my top gear (of 7. don't judge me.) for much of the ride, and I can get up the first half of the OMG DOOM DOOM hill under the GWB.
- So far the yoga has not yet seemed to improve the weakness in my left leg.
- I keep waking up half an hour before my alarm, at what seems to be the end of a REM cycle? Then drifting back to sleep, then snapping awake when the alarm hits.

This looks like pretty unqualified success, and although it's really hard, in that first five minutes, to drag myself from the warm snuggly bed and go to something exercise-y, I always feel better when I do; and one morning the lizard brain had convinced me to lame out, and within ten minutes I found myself on the mat anyways. So it is full speed ahead, and maintain these changes as best I can through the exigencies of the holiday season.

* of course then I spent money I shouldn't have on fripperies, but I mean, one problem at a time
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I had put off thinking about most lifestyle arrangements until after moving, because how do you know what things will look like til after you're settled; and then until after all the California trips were done with, because ualeaualeualeualeaue; but all that's done and the apartment is mostly settled (although there was enough of putting that off to warrant a separate post), and although yes the stress is ramping up at work and I Don't Wanna Think About Being Virtuous, the fact is that I know I will feel better if I realign things. So, herewith, the long mental burp.

Cut text working yet? )
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Faced with a nearly-past-edibility tupperware full of leftover roasted cauliflower and potato, my choices were either to mush them up and make fritters (which would be delicious, but I mean, we are dieting here), or the time-honored fate of nameless leftovers: soup.


Olive oil
Generous slice of onion, diced
Clove of garlic minced
garam masala, I dunno, a half-Tbsp?
20-oz receptacle filled with squidgy cauliflower and potato leftovers
1 c. chicken broth

Gently fry up the onion and garlic in the olive oil. When about that, add the garam masala and turn the heat up a bit, frying until the kitchen is full of curry goodness. Add the veg and toss to coat with the spice. Add the chicken broth (which is actually frozen into cute 1/2 cup hockey pucks, but never mind) and cover to cook for a bit. When the veg is entirely squidgy, mash with a potato masher because you can't be arsed to ladle it into a food processor or blender. Forget the salt. Add the salt. Realize that you have created porridge. Add another hockey puck of chicken broth. Feel it's too bland, add too much cayenne. Stop screwing with it. Dish out, eat. Not bad, especially since all you can taste is CURRY!~. Makes about 2c, and it's probably more or less healthy.
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Postulate 1: If it's really hot, you don't feel like eating.
Postulate 2: If it's cold, you tend to eat more.
Postulate 3: Our societal ass started spreading in the 70s, when air conditioning became more prevalent, and has increased unto the present day, where central air is all over the place (and the average set temperature is lower).
Theorem: Air conditioning makes you fat.

... in which case I shoulda lost weight this summer. Perhaps I should have bought a scale first.
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I haven't been to the Wednesday yoga class for several weeks, between training, conference, and ambushes of Duh. I did go today, whereupon the instructor greeted me, said it was good to see me, and then: "Wow, you're really losing weight!"

(This was particularly useful, as I felt like I was, but I didn't notice as how most of my clothes were appreciably different.) (No scale at present.)
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so. fucking. sick. of salad.
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Meta-issue: it's clear that, as long as I'm taking 600mg ibuprofen each morning per doctor's orders, I had best make sure to NOT take it when my stomach contains nothing but coffee. Yerk.

I've replaced my elevenses cheese-and-nuts with carrots-and-hummus, and I have canned salmon to put in my salad, and once I finish my current bottle of salad dressing I have a lower-fat one to use instead (assuming it doesn't taste like ass, but so far, my experience has been that low-fat is usually tolerable and it's fat-free that you need to avoid like poison).

I would like more time to have a better breakfast, that is something more than "a slice of sprouted wheat toast with a wedge of spready cheese", but since next week begins MIGHTY FUCKING EARLY hours I don't know how likely this is to occur.

Was horrible this weekend. Cheese and booze and I know not what else. I have no place looking down my nose at others' lack of self-control, indeed I do not.
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The recipe is actually "Penne col Sugo di Tonno e Peperoni", but I don't need the empty starch calories. Of course, I didn't need the HALF CUP OF OLIVE OIL, either. And I was too lazy to roast the peppers in advance. Edits, as you see, were made.

Minced two cloves of garlic, chopped two bell peppers, and sauteed them in (much less) olive oil until nummy. Added salt, pepper, and 2 T. capers. Turned off fire, threw in 2 cans of tuna (water pack, drained). Made a slice of sprouted-wheat toast and applied as much of the glop as would stay on it.

Result: pretty good, and tolerably health-conscious. Obviously with the mercury business you don't want to eat it every day, but I haven't had tuna in a goodly while so I don't think my brain will immediately liquesce.
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So, if no exercise, then must be strict food control. Thus I have started logging food with FitDay again.

Part of what tends to make me fall off the wagon is the nuisance of keeping track of everything. I can, and have, done it before; but it seems to be much harder to force myself back to it, as if by having succeeded once I have proved it and don't need to prove it again. Except that I'm not doing this as a symbol of how iron-willed I am, I'm doing it to be less of a wobbling pudgebucket. Stupid backbrain. ANYWAYS; since I am a creature of habit, and tend to eat the same damn thing every day, I created a "new custom food" which is the part of my daily consumption that doesn't change.

* breakfast *
1 (large) egg
1 slice of TJ's sprouted wheat bread
a schmear of low-fat not-butter
2 splashes of half-and-half in coffee

* elevenses *
1 reduced-fat cheesestick
15 almonds

* lunch *
3 cups mixed greens
1/5 package of extra-firm tofu
2/3 of a bell pepper
1 T. salad dressing

All of this adds up to 628 calories: 37g fat, 39g carbs, 38g protein. This is too much fat, and not enough protein. Ideally I'd replace the tofu with a leaner protein, but that becomes a logistical issue (I don't always roast a meat over the weekend, generating leftovers for salad). The easiest solution is canned tuna; but eating a half can every day leads to the whole mercury question.

What to do, what to do.


Apr. 15th, 2008 06:30 am
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As expected, vacation = bad for diet. Finally stepped on the scale this morning; not quite back to square one, but ground definitely lost.

Which is sad, considering how little I was eating while sick. But the procession of delicious poached eggs during our Sydney stay seems to've been my downfall.
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Several of the blouses I'd bought when starting $JOB fit perfectly well except at the bottom, where I could not keep the lowest button buttoned on account of my hips of might and main. (See previous rants about how you are apparently not supposed to be hourglass shaped.) Now, however, that is no longer the case.

Cannot yet resuscitate any smaller clothes, but there is still a reasonable chance this could happen before vacation.
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Down another pound and a half, which makes it 7 lbs in 4 weeks. (I can say this for the Too Stressed To Eat diet: it certainly works.) The blouse I'm wearing is now sorta loose on me, which is a little unfortunate since I like it so much; but this is, after all, the point.

In another few pounds, I should be able to bring back the first round of clothes that I spent last weekend laboriously banishing to dark corners of my closet. (Which probably contributed to my success.)

No running today, as between the wound on my heel and extremely sore legs due to lack of pre-run stretching yesterday, it just seemed too stupid to attempt. Also, I worked through my lunch hour.

Also: augh

Feb. 25th, 2008 02:23 pm
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One of my officemates has gotten a gyro from the food carts that set up on the plaza outside. The scent is full of delicious evil. WANT
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This morning was a giant pile of steaming chaos, so I ran during lunch instead. This week's leitmotif is:

* 3 min. run
* 1.5 min. walk
* 5 min. run <-- DOOM DOOM DOOM
* 2.5 min. walk
* 3 min. run
* 1.5 min. walk
* 5 min. run
* Fall down

I managed the first five-minute run by downscaling speed...a lot...but pushed myself hard on the second one (for values of "hard" which are laughable to actual athletes, even amateur ones). Having drunk insufficient water this morning, I ended up overheated and dehydrated. Hurrah! But I did manage to evict much of the morning's spleen and ire. (Don't worry, it will refill.)

Up two pounds, but did not weigh myself immediately upon rising, and there was rather a lot of chocolate consumption this weekend. Ahem.
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I said to myself, "Self, the school gym has treadmills. Fridays being somewhat slow, and the weather being yucky, perhaps you can do today's workout on those instead." And so it came to pass.

Hate doing it indoors; way too hot. Also I need to get another Super Mega Deluxe Your Titties Go Nowhere bra. But it was all sufficient unto the purpose. I did find out exactly how embarrassingly slow my "running" is. No, I'm not going to share.

It's interesting that the idea of a salad for lunch is putrid if I don't exercise, but the only desirable solution if I do.

Down half a pound this morning. I have broken a tens place yay!
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Or, "Pollo al Forno col Pomodoro Fresco e la Cipolle". Maybe. I think. I MADE IT UP.

Trying to come up with something that is a) South Beach compliant and b) I actually wanted to eat, I let myself be inspired by Happy New Cookbook. I chopped half a yellow onion and two garlic cloves, and let them slowly cook in a bit of olive oil. When the scent was pretty well filling up the room, I dumped it all over the three boneless, skinless breasts in an 8X8 baking dish, ground some pepper over top, covered with foil and put in a 350 deg. oven.

Meantime, I peeled two vine-grown tomatoes (still a pain in the ass) and chopped them coarsely.

About 5 minutes before I figured it was done, I raised the oven to about 380, removed the foil, and put the tomatoes over top. (Only then it cooked for maybe 10-15 minutes because I got involved with laundry.)

I meant to add basil, but I forgot. It was still pretty good.
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It is clear that there is a time-delay on holiday-induced weight gain. (Duh.) I am Not Amused, and will not stand for these results. And it seems increasingly clear that I won't be able to slot aikido in for the next while. Ergo:

1) I begin another round of South Beach after tomorrow morning's shopping trip. In spite of this wonderful cookbook. I made Spaghetti col Pomodoro Fresco e la Cipolla last night and boy was it good. Well it should be, with SIX TABLESPOONS OF BUTTER.

2) Next Monday, I shall begin a walk-to-run program. I'll jump out of bed at 6am, put on running clothes, and immediately go out into the January cold for half an hour.

(Pause for gales of laughter.)

I post these things here because it's much more likely I'll bring myself up to the mark when the alternative is public Fail.

(I have also signed up for the weekly yoga class the employee-wellbeing program offers at work, but it does not start til late Feb.)
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This diet business still seems to be working. Bataan Power Walks during lunch are apparently enough to keep my metabolism awake (though the lack of aikido is starting to tell in stiffness and backaches). Another pair of new slacks are somewhat loose now. Wherein I realize a truth: although women's dress pants may have belt loops, they are functionally useless. The waistband is usually cut to ride low, or even slant slightly down, so trying to wear a belt with them doesn't work right at all. (Aside from the fact that, depending on your blouse, it may deform the line somewhat.) WHY DO THEY BOTHER?

I need more skirts. Beth is eager to teach me patternmaking, particularly for skirts which she says are easy and fun, but I have sworn I'm going to clear off a bunch of my sewing obligations before I start any new projects. And I have a lot of them.

Bored now.

Sep. 26th, 2007 07:55 am
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The main problem I have with phase one of South Beach is that I don't want eggs for breakfast every goddam morning.


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